Online Application

  1. Read vasectomy information details on our website.
  2. Watch our video Vasectomy – the facts’ here. You will need to sign on a consent form that you have viewed and understood the video.
  3. Complete your personal details on form here.This can be done online, or else printed and posted back to us. On receipt we will phone you to make an appointment for the operation, or you can call us 4 days after sending form.
  4. Print off, read, and sign consent form available here  Bring it with you for the operation. We will post you a reminder before the operation, along with pre op instructions.
  5. Vasectomy in Morehampton Clinic is free of charge for a man with either a full Medical Cars (GMS) or ‘Doctor only’ card.For a private patient the cost is €500. This includes absolutely everything, including all follow up care (if needed) and semen testing.
    If you are insured with Irish Health with Level 2 cover they will pay €350 towards the cost