‘Keyhole’ No Scalpel Vasectomy

Keyhole No Scalpel Vasectomy

Morehampton Clinic  offers ‘Keyhole No Scalpel Vasectomy’ as standard, and it is totally optional in Lakeshore.

This is a new development where instead of making an incision in the scrotal skin with a scalpel, the skin is pierced with a very specialised pointed instrument called a haemostat. This tiny puncture is opened by gently spreading apart the tips of the haemostat, carefully moving the delicate tissues to each side down to the vas itself. The vas is then grasped with another specialized instrument and a loop of vas elevated through the ‘keyhole’ to continue the operation.

This keyhole method is virtually pain free, as close to bloodless as is possible, and there are far fewer risks of complications.

Virtually all are done through one single ‘keyhole’.

We believe that the keyhole technique to be superior to traditional ‘no scapel vasectomy’ method. With that method the vas is grasped through the skin with a specialized forceps called a ‘Li Forceps’, but this grasping always causes some skin bruising and laceration. With the keyhole method there is none. It is usually done through one tiny puncture just to the right of mid line, but in some men it is technically easier to do it with two keyhole incisions – one on each side. We never know which will be used until we examine you on the day. Either way, most of the surgery is under the skin, and the incisions themselves heal in a couple of days.